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SISTEMA, Safety Evaluation Tool, EN ISO 13849-1

Safety Automation Designing


Both of the  software tools, SISTEMA as well as Safety Evaluation Tool, help to TAURID project engineers with a definition of the Performance Level (PL) as described in the standard 13849-1.

The tools enable modelling of a structure for designed safety sections of control systems SRP/CS, work with well-known terms, such as Required Performance Level PLr, Mean Time To Dangerous Failure MTTFd, Number of cycles until 10% of the components have a dangerous failure B10d, diagnostic coverage DC, Probability of Dangerous Failure per Hour PFHD, definition of Common Cause Failures CCF. The verification of the term PLPLr is a result of the effort leading to the safety (calculated level is higher or at least as high as required).

The software tool SISTEMA was developed by the German Institute for Work Safety IFA. The tool is freeware and can be downloaded from the IFA website, www.dguv.de/ifa.

Not only for the equipment designed on the Siemens hardware basis the Safety Evaluation Tool is more suitable, see more Siemens web sites, www.siemens.cz/ad.