Marz 2016

A modular Siemens Safety PLC, Simatic S7-1200F and S7-1500F

Comprehensive Delivery of Automation
Design – Application software – Deliveries – Production – Commissioning

A modular safety control system Siemens Simatic S7-1200F finds usage in simple process concepts, such as, for the Process Filter in the pharmacy, whereas the system Simatic S7-1500F thanks to its distributed configuration enables designing of an extensive control system where the configuration of the remote I/O modules communicating via PROFINET or PROFIsafe local network is applied. That concept is now implemented for the control system of the Wire Pickling Process Line.

A hardware platform Simatic PC677 was designed for the SCADA system Simatic WinCC. Local Proface touch panels are available for operators. There is an on-line communication between the buffer PLC control system and the MES/ERP system, that controls all buffer administration.

The Simatic S7-1200F is certified to EN 61508, up to SIL3 according to IEC 62061 and PLe according to EN ISO 13849.

October 2012

A digital model, simulation and optimization of a discrete production system – pickling process line

We successfully figured out a digital model of a designed (but not manufactured yet) pickling line. Many alternatives were simulated and compared. We looked for an optimal transport speeds, a sufficient number of handlling hooks, an optimal allocation of operated positions among transport units (cranes) etc. We compared the reached production rate for 1-shift, 2-shifts and uninterrupted operation.

The first semi-product leaves the process line in the time 1hour14minutes20seconds, every other one in 25 minutes' intervals in accordance with a chosen recipe. That’s why the shift definition has a very substantial influence on the reached production. If the uninterrupted operation were to be applied then the maximal production (rate) could be reached.

Process line specification: 4 transport units, 35 positions, 8 process recipes, combination of recipes is enabled.

We fully guarantee both Production Rate and Meeting the Process Times at positions res. tolerated deviation (StdDev). We used a SYTELINE APS VIRTUAL PLANNING for modelling and simulation. Results are available in the graphic and table form in each simulated alternative.

March 2012

Water Quench, comparison of 2 implemented alternatives

Comprehensive Delivery of Automation
Design – Application software – Deliveries – Production – Installation – Commissioning

Alternative 1 – Rockwell Automation, Power Flex 753/755 (IP20)
Alternative 2 – Siemens, Sinamics G120P (IP54)

Two water quenches concerns: water and air cooling systems for formed aluminium (Al) profiles were designed and put into operation for two different end customers. A different hardware of control system (Siemens, Rockwell Automation) was designed in accordance with the customer preferences as well as available space limitations. The installation of Siemens Sinamics G120P frequency converters combined with IP54 protection outside the electric cabinet together with closeness to fans and pumps, see more illustrative photos. It's considered more suitable and profitable alternative. A significant reduction of the number of electrical cabinets has come up successfully. The less cabinets the less expensive solution it is. Because the air-conditioned space inside the cabinet is quite expensive.

December 2011

Mezzanine Automatic Crane & Skip Handling system

Comprehensive Delivery of Automation for Skip Handling System
Design – Application software – Deliveries – Production – Installation – Commissioning

The transport system enables a short term storage of up to 150 skips on the mezzanine as a buffer among the foregoing annealing process and the subsequent packaging operation. A FIFO algorithm is designed for the mezzanine buffer. The control of the storage is totally automated. Operators select maximal storage capacity, rules for the skip arrangement; referred to a possibility of assigning positions for the skip re-arrangement, for individual demands (Delivery Jobs, Return Jobs, Transfer Jobs), selective job priorities (Skip based, Order based Permanent, Order based Fixed number of skips, Order based Empty storage, atd.) The remote Point I/Os communicate with a central control system AB ControlLogix and PV1250 via Industrial Hotspot RadioLinx.

September 2011

Paclitaxel and Tossing Plant ● Electronic Signature TAUSIGN ● Database MS SQL Express 2008 ● Client/Server Architecture

The HMI station in the liquid formulated drugs pharmacy is based on the ControlWeb 6.1 Network Runtime. Among others enables visual display of process statuses and operating data, process control, processing and visualization of alarm messages, visualization of historical data. ControlWeb is installed on a SERVER PC and a CLIENT PC. The system utilizes a database software MS SQL Express 2008.

Data obtained from the process, i.e. trends and alarm messages are continuously updated and stored into the MS SQL Express 2008. The database is running on the server and the CLIENT PC has the remotely access via the ethernet local area network. The database size is limited by the used hard disk capacity only. The access to the database it’s password protected.

In compliance with GAMP requirements we have developed an software application TAUSIGN, i.e. electronic signature, that provides user authentization and administration as well as logging of operator intervention. The electronic signature application is built on a client/server architecture. Client application(s) ask server for the authentization of the logged operator, and storing of an event into the log file. User Manager and Event Viewer applications are available, and also enable user administration and stored records browsing. The event Viewer enables export of records to a portable data file (PDF) as well. All records have been archived in an encrypted form.

March 2011

Car Seats Assembly Line(s)

The section of PLC software engieneers in colaboration with the section of IT specialists are significantly concerned in the development and implementation of the control systém including data collection and data archiving to manufactured parts for 4 assembly lines where both front and rear car seats are produced.

It is possible to define an independent working sequence for each working stage at the belt. Each defined working stage communicates during the workflow with a server and sends it current information and verifies that POKAYOKE functions are kept.

Assembly lines are controlled from a Siemens PLC S7-319 and an industrial PC with Siemens WinCC application to set line(s) as well as process data; at the same time the WinCC application serves as a terminal for server access and administration.

The superior level of the control forms a database system (LineServer) that arranges a communication with surrounding systems and administrates information related with produced car seats. The design and implementation of the procedure for data exchange among job order system (G-ISIS), database system of assembly lines (LineServer) and working stages (Pick2Light) is the integral part of the technical solution.

February 2011

Automotive Assembly Line for HVAC Units

The section of IT specialists is significantly concerned in the development of the PC based control system for a new car air-conditioning units assembly line. Totally 3 control systems administrates a

  • with a SAP server
  • with a PLC for line control
  • with a PPC clients at working stages
  • with an inspectional camera
  • with a unit for noise and vibration measurement
  • of alarm and status messages
  • of access administration
  • of production
  • of files and instructions
web server:
  • for maintanance station
  • for operating staff administration
  • for pdf files administration
  • for references and samples administration

  • space for pdf files recording
  • working stages definition (configuration)
  • process visualization of working stages and whole line
  • operating staff access administration
  • production scheduling KANBAN
  • traceability
  • trends and archives of production data
  • scheduling of shifts and breaks
  • statistics

September 2010

Equipment for handling, storage and cutting of aluminum semi-products

The designed equipment enables cutting of incoming aluminium pole (log) to reqiered lenghts (billet). The facility is projected in the category 4 according to the EN954-1 standard. Customer required the control system Allen Bradley 1756 GuardLogix with decentralized peripherals 1734 Point I/Os in combination with safety I/O modules. Operator Panels PV700+ allow you to specify characteristics of input material, requirements for cutting, fault diagnosis and product data management especially. Electric variable-speed drives are controlled by the PowerFlex 755 AC drives with feedback, an absolute sensor with SSI protocol is applied. Before the first cutting the real length of the log is calibrated in motion. The database management of semi-products is the integral part of the control.

We have incorporated a new equipment into the existing control system for the following production process, that works with Siemens distributed modules via Profibus. The highest level of the safety and reliability was kept. We have complied with all customers' standards.

May 2010

The control system reconstruction for the fire box of the thermic oven for flotation extracts and coal slurries

The control and safeguarding system of the heating chamber and related control and measuring elements of process parameters were rebuild and modified. All works were done with the emphasis on the comprehensive diagnostics of controlled devices and process variables.

The heating chamber with the heating power of 24 MW is controlled by means of the redundant safety control system Siemens Simatic S7-300F. The torch igniter and the main burner are controlled via failsafe programmed function blocs designated for gas and oil burner technologies.

The reconstruction brought the improvement of operational reliability and cost reduction as well.

The delivery also covers the data collection and data archiving system of selected process data (stored for a term of 5 year).

The recovery of the financial investment is calculated within 2 years.

February 2010

Simulation, Modelling and Optimization of Production Systems

From the beginning of the year we offer simulation, modelling and optimization of production systems. The universal simulation model for the transport was developed with the support of the European Fund for the Regional Development. For more see the Production Simulation section.

Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj

October 2009

Modernization of Labelling Machine LIBRA in Company IVAX Pharmaceuticals s.r.o.

The objectives of modernization were to increase the reliability, technical level, and provisions of available technical support. The existing S5-95U control system was replaced by new one. The high-speed processor VIPA 300S with applied SPEED7 technology within the Siemens S7-300 arrangement is used to control the labelling machine. The fast processing of instructions was the reason to use such processor; in this case the real cycle time balances within 0 –1 ms. The uniform programming background STEP7 by Company Siemens and the WinCC Flexible 2008 for programming of operator panel TP177A are still kipping the primary advantages. All is in agreement with the GAMP5 and SUKL demands.

The drive of labelling unit – the labelling machine heart – uses the stepping motor in connection with the power unit GAC04 and the control unit FFM04. The camera by Company Balluff is used to monitor the print.

Function specification ● Electrical project ● User software ● Assistance at validation
Manufacture ● Assembly ● Putting into operation

September 2009

Data collection from assembly line of automobile lamps

The application serves not only to monitoring and data collection from the assembly line and testing of automobile lamps but also to the on-line control of production process. The system continuously monitors data from every machine and evaluates according to scheduled rules, whether the given product is conform to the sequence check and if all tests from previous machines have been successfully performed.

The Screens to disposal:
Operator’s management ● Current data ● Archived data ● Final inspection ● Statistics ● Export ● Etalon ● Labels

Operator’s management ● Current data ● Archived data ● Final inspection ● Statistics ● Export ● Etalon ● Labels 
The application also includes the Monitoring of production sequence, which in case that wrong data are found-out will block the given machine. Every lamp before the test execution is found-out in the database eventually in the date block of previous PLC if the lamp has successfully passed the test in the previous machine. To every piece is printed the unique label and also read to the database.

The application communicates through the RS485 serial interface or eventually transferred to RS232 ports with the bar-code readers. Data are primarily stored in the PLC system, affixed with time marks and then uploaded to the PC application of data collection.

June 2009

Delivery of complete automation system for galvanising line of steel coils


The Automation of Galvanising line represents the intersection of conventionally offered solutions by Company TAURID, namely production lines for lateral and axial splitting of coils and lines for surface treatment of steel semi-products. Our company is the supplier of the control algorithm based on the Siemens PLC Simatic S7-300/400 and the decentre periphery ET200S. In the moment workers of our company perform the installation and assembly at the end user in Poland. The putting into operation is planned in 4th quarter of 2009.

The general modernization and modification of existing production lines is an opportunity for investors and suppliers as well. The line was originally operated in the South Korea. Company TAURID performs the extensive modernization of electrical part and ensures the harmonising of electrical installation with EU –CE standards. The modernization includes the recovery of motors, some existing electrical cabinets, and deliveries of new electrical cabinets for original and newly designed arrangements.

Nov 2008

The Supply of the Automation for Plant of an Acoustic Ceiling Ecophon

Our company is the supplier of the new product line for acoustic ceiling Ecophon. The product line is being installed in Saint-Gobain Ecophon Sp. z o.o. in Gliwice, Poland. It is a modification of an older product line that is running in a Swedish plant. The project was made up by a Swedish company. TAURID Ostrava s.r.o. supplies electrical cabinets and boxes and the modification of the software for PLC ELAU, installation and assembling. The commissioning is included in the delivery.

The machine part of the product line is also ensured by a Czech company. The product line is approximately 150 m long and consists of two portal robots, two universal adjustable saws for cutting of the product and eight machines for all technology. The diagonal saw that is in synchronous running with belt is a piquancy of the line. The technical solution respects hard requests on safety of the production in category four (EN954-1). The safety is monitored and evaluated by Safety PLC and SafetyBus net.
Oct 2008

The safety of the operating staff is secured by means of the laser scanner SICK S3000 Standard

The safety of the operating staff during the material loading and unloading process at the automatic pickling line is guarded by means of the laser scanner S3000 Standard from SICK company. The set of the scanner (sensor+safety relay) meets safety requirements as stated in the EN 61496-3, body detection, resolution 70 mm – leg detection). The monitored area is configured via the SICK CDS software, see pictures.

Oct 2008

Referential utilization of Blident RFID system, TURCK company, in a hard pickling area

An actual position of two transport units on the 65 metres long runway is monitored via RFID (radio frequency identification system). The pseudo-continous measurement with a resolution of 200 mm is suitable enough for the application. The technology enables improving of the resolution up to 100 mm and maintaining all other important transport characteristics. The contactless principle is the reliable and multi-purpose solution not only for the corrosive environment of surface treatment uquipment. RFID system serves also as an additional anticollision system for transport units at the common crane runway.

May 2008

Recertification auditing ISO9001:2001 · Company Presentation at VSB – Technical University · Training Risk Analysis and GAMP5

The recertification audit of the quality management system ISO9001:2001 was successfully passed in the company Taurid Ostrava s.r.o. The company presentation took place in March and will take place again in May for students of Technical University Ostrava (VSB-TUO) to find some graduates for work in TAURID team. The job offer pertains the following specializations: designer of electrical equipment, real time application programmer (PLC, HMI, SCADA).

A special training for employees was organized in April named Risk Analysis in Projects. Designers as well as real time application programmers were trained to methods FMEA, SPLA. It is scheduled another training GAMP5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) in Belgium for our software engineers focused on pharmacy.

March 2008

Conveyor system for the production line N°2 in the company Saint Gobain ISOVER POLSKA in Gliwice

Taurid Ostrava s.r.o. is the supplier of the automated control system for the tranport line N°2 of mineral wool. The delivery includes design of electrical schemes and application software development for the control system (PLC Siemens Simatic S7, SCADA Siemens WinCC), manufacture of electrical cabinets and subsequent isntallation and assembly including on-site commissioning 03/2008.

January 2008

Modernization of Nasal Spray Production in Ivax Pharmaceuticals s.r.o., TEVA Group

Our software engineers were awarded by a glass plaquette (see the picture) for the quality of their work within the control system up-date for the nasal spray production! Nasal sprays are also directed to a high demanding market in USA.

November 2007

Comprehensive electrical delivery & control for 5 special purpose machines/stations

Siemens VDO Automotive s.r.o., Brandýs nad Labem

The commissioning of 5 special purpose machines for the assembly line PQ25 Climatronic is in progress in November. Taurid Ostrava s.r.o. delivery range is: designing of wiring diagrams in CAE ePLAN, application software development for PLC Simatic S7-300 and HMI Simatic OP170 in STEP7 res. WinCC flexible, production of electrical cabinets, control desks, on-site installation, assembly and commissioning.

October 2007

Aplications with AC/DC controlled electrical drives

Taurid Ostrava Ltd. for applications with electrical controlled drives uses AC/DC convertors of prestigious producers, especially companies Siemens, Lenze, Telemecanique, Allen Bradley, ABB, etc. We extended our team of specialists. We make suggestions and sizing of electrical drives for working mechanisms. We have experience with speed as well as tension control.

electric fans · transporters · conveyours · elevated platforms · hoists · decoilers · recoilers

June 2007

Process control and regulation of sheet processing lines

Taurid Ostrava s.r.o. company has been developing a digital software module that is applicable for various kinds of sheet processing lines. The maximum performance, equipment reliability, minimizing number of operating stations and maximal factor of operating staff’s safety are the main objectives

  • slitting lines, lines for crosswise cutting, combi lines
  • lines for mechanical or chemical surface finishing or for special material coating
  • lines for coils rewinding or uncoiling for subsequent processing

Developed and applied software blocks in a control system:

  • for decoiler tension optimizing;
  • for length&weight calculation of a coiled sheet onto a recoiler to achieve the optimum slitting regarding the set range of products;
  • for controlled start and stop of slitting shears to eliminate the fineness of the shear edge in a transient state of lines;
  • for recoiler control with reference to maximum applied load
  • for synchronizing of slitting shear and recoiler drives to achieve optimum sheet (strip) deflection in a loop pit.

March 2007

Control for a nonaseptic production in pharmacy, IVA Pharmaceuticals s.r.o., TEVA group

The production of nonaseptic products in the Anacid line was put into operation after the modernization of the control system Siemens PCS7. In detail process control, compliance with requirements described in the Proper production practice (SVP) and monitoring of all process variables that have any influence on the production process.

Main characteristics of the technology and installed control system:

  • semiautomatic control of preparatory and production recipes (check and confirmation by operating staff)
  • batch production process
  • production of nonaseptic liquid drug sorts, cleaning and steaming
  • process monitoring incl. possibility to control actuators
  • trends and archiving of measured variables and alarm messages
  • generation, printing and archiving of production reports
  • status monitoring of all auxiliary equipment and plants/shops
  • control system has to conform to regulations EU for SVP, standards FDA, GEP
  • management of access and operation accordant with requirements CFR 21 Part 11, Simatic LogOn
  • ready to be validated in compliance with GAMP 4

February 2007

Material handling

Material handling – entry data, computation and simulation, animation, presentation, training

Target: define transport system, production per unit of time, working and waiting periods, other relevant characteristics

We have been developing a software tool for the analysis of the material transport. The TAURID TRANSPORT application has already helped with transport analysis for the pickling line in Shanghai. We co-operate with a young generation of programmers; the software has been still developed and innovated. Instead of „it will come out somehow“ we offer „it will be in this way“.

Animation for pickling lines and zinc works is available. An animation helps to understand in advance related requirements, i.e. for organization and safety of production, for human sources, for material preparation, etc.

Usage: transport systems for pickling lines, zinc works, rugged conveyor systems, etc.

December 2006

Automation for special purpose machines and assembly lines

We offer the comprehensive solution of the automation for special purpose machines and assembly lines not only for dynamically developing automotive and electronic industry. Industrial communication on the basis of RS232/485, PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet etc. with barcode and datametrix code readers, with printers or industrial weights, identification and tracking of semi products by means of chips (RFID), setting and monitoring of production data for assembly lines res. diagnostics of stations makes an integral portion of complex solution.

Comprehensive solutions in automation of special purpose machines and assembly lines
Control – PID regulation – communication with external equipment – safety of operating staff

October 2006

Training and introduction of TAURID staff to news presented at the ISPE conference in Prague

Following the Prague October conference ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering), where our delegate was present, deputed Taurid personnel was introduced to news in the sphere of implementation of control and computer systems in pharmacy, with principles of validation of computer systems described in the GAMP 4 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practise).

May 2006

Material handling and transport optimization

Material handling and transport optimization in industrial applications will represent the outstanding portion of the company business portfolio in the year 2006. Comprehensive deliveries cover function specification, design in CAE ePLAN, application software in STEP7, control system Simatic S7, HMI, WinCC, manufacture of electric cabinets, on-site assembly, on-site commissioning and technical assistance.
Trolleys, manipulators, transport units and hoists, uncoilers and coilers, feeding machines, conveyors, elevators, turntables are of use in equipment for surface finishing, cross and longitudinal splitting of material, loading and unloading of semi-products as well as in parking houses, continuous furnaces, packaging lines, etc.

April 2006

Supervisory audit

The supervisory audit of the quality management system in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2000 took place successfully in February.

We implemented modernization of already second welding machine in the company Hayes Lemmerz Autokola, a.s. this year. The control system on the PLC basis SIMATIC C7-635 with the communication interface PROFIBUS DP, remote I/Os ET200 and frequency converter SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Motion Control. The drive for wheel rotation is the fundamental device of the welding machine, runs in the manual mode, the reference position searching mode or the mode of the automatic positioning for 4 or 8 welds. The frequency convertor runs either in simple rotation mode (in case that the reference position is searched) or the mode of so-called „simple positioning“, i.e. special function of the convertor Masterdrives MC.

January 2006

The parking house

The company TAURID Ostrava s.r.o. presents itself as the integrator of automation and information technology, offering solutions of sophisticated algorithms that also demonstrates in application software development for the totally new parking house in the town district Ostrava – Poruba, Czech Republic.

The design of the robust algorithm for the parking house, that will not end in a deadlock and can get not only standard designed functions under control but also human factor of incoming users, was the great challenge for our programmers. Time resp. satisfied users reveal(s) once if they were successful.

The designed SCADA system ControlWeb 5 offers process visualization of equipment in 3-dimensional view, setting of filters to display required views, selection of operational modes for individual sections, control, data archiving, management of pallets’ database, view and archiving of alarm messages, industrial communication with other equipment, i.e. Simatic S7 control system, point of sale, web camera, LED info board displaying free parking spots, LED info board displaying the sequence of the cars that are carried out and also UPS.

November 2005

ePLAN tuition at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava

the news follows previous published article regarding the use of the CAE system ePLAN while designing in the company TAURID Ostrava s.r.o.

Acquired experience with the designing of production lines, machines and equipment we pass to the ingoing generation of potential users, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of VB Technical University in Ostrava. At the Department of measurement and control, in the subject „Design of measurement and control“ students led by Mr. Antonin Krecek are familiarized with principles of designing in the ePLAN.

Mr. Antonin Krecek represents a young generation of designers in the company that under responsive leading of skilled practitioner Mr. Petr Karasek move the level of the processed designs ahead.

The company TAURID Ostrava s.r.o. is designing in the CAE ePLAN.

October 2005

WinCC flexible 2005

passed from the Siemens newsletter Totally Integrated Automation Newsletter, 30.09.2005. Abbreviated and modified. Ilustrační foto Siemens

SIMATIC HMI Operator Control and Monitoring Systems
More productivity with SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2005

With WinCC flexible 2005 you can implement plants which comply with the requirements of the US-America public health authority, commonly know as the FDA guidelines. Nowadays, these guidelines apply not only to the pharmaceutical industry, but also increasingly to other applications requiring validation.

Other industries are sure to follow. Functions such as access control (using electronic signatures), modification management, data recording and retention all support processes which accompany production, such as quality management, make a contribution to increasing productivity. Already existing variable lists are conviently imported and projects with external tools, e.g. Microsoft Office, translated to into other languages.

The WinCC flexible / audit option means that machine and plant engineers are able for the first time ever to easily validate their supplies for applications in pharmacy. Audit is also the basis for traceability in the food and beverage industries.

The company TAURID Ostrava s.r.o. implements projects by using WinCC fllexible.

August 2005


Portfolio of offered services covers also assembling of electric cabinets and control desks by using components from the Siemens range of products. The decision to push ahead Siemens control systems in realized projects appears now after long-term practice for many reasons very forward-looking; the decision in the sphere of frequency converters and controlled rectifiers and especially low-voltage switching technics was dilemma.

Top-rated illustrative pictures record inside view of the equipped electric cabinet by low-voltage switching technics SIRIUS, control system SIMATIC S7 and frequency convertors MICROMASTER 4 – and outside view of the front door with fixed (illuminated)pushbuttons and lamps SIGNUM from Siemens. It is important to mention that the final customer did not insist on a producer of delivered components.