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Mezzanine Automatic Crane and Stock Control

Comprehensive Delivery of Automation for Skip Handling System
Design – Application software – Deliveries – Production – Installation – Commissioning


The transport system enables a short term storage of up to 150 skips on the mezzanine as a buffer among the foregoing annealing process and the subsequent packaging operation. A FIFO algorithm is designed for the mezzanine buffer. The control of the storage is totally automated. Operators select maximal storage capacity, rules for the skip arrangement; referred to a possibility of assigning positions for the skip re-arrangement, for individual demands (Delivery Jobs, Return Jobs, Transfer Jobs), selective job priorities (Skip based, Order based Permanent, Order based Fixed number of skips, Order based Empty storage, atd.) The remote Point I/Os communicate with a central control system AB ControlLogix and PV1250 via Industrial Hotspot RadioLinx.