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Digital model and computer simulation in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Digital model, computer simulation and optimisation of production proces


Using a computer simulation, we verified the design parameters of the proposed layout of part of the production process for an important customer in the automobile industry. We created the digital model in the Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software, we defined approximately 500 conveyors, 20 production devices, 10 inter-operational buffers and a store with hundreds to thousands of cells.

We simulated various production mixes and sought out the maximum system throughput, we eliminated bottlenecks (including layout change), optimised the queue length in inter-operational buffers, we sought out a suitable layout and thus loading of the machines in the group. One part of the operation was the drawing up of various scenarios for issue from inter-operational buffers and the store.

When solving the task we worked closely with software engineers so that the control algorithms and principles used in the model were applicable during the processing of software in PLC and/or MES. The information gained also serves as the basis for a tender for the supplier of machines and engineering services. We presented the results on an ongoing basis and discussed them in the implementation team with the participation of the end customer; the generated output data in the form of graphs and tables were validated in the team.

Using computer simulation of the digital model, we gained valuable information about an as-yet non-existent production system and its behaviour for various configurations and input product mix.