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Use of the PROFINET and PROFIsafe network for safe automation

Due to the extensive features of installed equipment and the gradual phasing out and commissioning of new parts, a structured and decentralized concept of management using the PROFINET and PROFIsafe local area network is very helpful.

The structure of the PROFINET local area network is created by using Siemens SCALANCE switches, series XC208. An important part of the projected LAN (Local Area Network) is also its monitoring. In this case, the PROFINET Inspector NT analyzer from Indu-Sol GmbH passively, and permanently, monitors the network status.

The centrally safety PLC Siemens Simatic with S7-1517F-3PN/DP processor and decentralized ET200SP modules use a combination of standard DI/DO and safe F-DI/F-DO modules, which are connected to photoelectric sensors, safety door systems or the emergency stop button. The decentralized management system concept using industrial-strength PROFINET/PROFIsafe LAN also includes projected electric actuators. The Siemens frequency converter Sinamics G120D with the CU240D 2 PN-F control unit are equipped with the STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function.

Based on the PROFINET network, PROFIsafe supports standard and secure communications over a single physical bus. Safety functions of not just the STO (Safe Torque Off) type can be defined for electric actuators, but also SBC (Safe Brake Control), SS1 (Safe Stop 1), SLS (Safely Limited Speed), SSM (Safe Speed Monitor) or SDI (Safe Direction). The degree of safety is based on a risk analysis and implementation of the required PL (Performance Level) according to the standard ČSN EN 13849-1.

The above-described concept of safe automation created using a decentralized architecture of the management system and field instrumentation with PROFINET/PROFIsafe interface minimizes the time required for commissioning, reduces the number and length of cables, and provides new diagnostic possibilities.