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Computer simulation

DLAŽDICE POČÍTAČOVÁ SIMULACE ContiThe portfolio of services includes digital model processing and subsequent computer simulation of the behaviour of the discrete production system. We specialize in branched conveyor systems with buffers, the production of semi-finished products with the use of intermediate storages, assembly lines and workplaces in the automotive industry, and last but not least, galvanisation plants and bath pickling lines. We use the simulation tool Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.

Computer simulation helps during the design of a new production line, modernisation of an existing one, when a new product is put into production, or for increasing labour productivity. It is possible to verify with a high level of probability whether ii is possible to meet the customer requirements with the proposed concept of technical solution.

Bottlenecks or collision points  and states are identified, there is a verification of the selected speed, production rate per unit of time,, sufficient number of defined resources or capacity of buffering stock, and measures are carried out – layout and the number of resources is changed, the transport flows or decision criteria are modified; all of this without the use of actual resources (machines, operators).

It is possible to define a production batch or mis of batches, recipe, define the working shifts, number of functional machines etc. directly in the model or an external MS Excel table. The results are reports, graphs, and answers to questions that help the responsible workers when taking decisions. Project managers, production managers, investment personnel, financial managers adn corporate management. Decisions are not taken on the basis of estimates and feelings, but facts.

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